A lot of beautiful people visit us everyday. And so does nice media that have shared their thoughts of Sonny and insights about Copenhagen to share with you

Kinfolk listed Sonny as places not to miss on your guide to Copenhagen

"A trained sommelier who first conceived of Sonny while working as a barista at Coutume Café in Paris, David applies the rigorous standards used in grape selection when sourcing coffee beans."

"A gem to remember is Sonny, a trendy hangout that attracts Copenhagen’s stylish crowd with their incredible avocado sandwich."

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Wonderful Copenhagen placed Sonny on their list of top 10 coffee bars in Copehagen

"Coffee is Sonny’s main attraction, but it’s not their only specialty."

Light and furniture manufacturer with a profound passion for handcraft and attention to detail covered Sonny in their stories on inspiring people and places

"It’s a place where you hang out, you have a relaxed conversation with the staff, you sit in the bar, in the courtyard and (I hope) you get a feeling of being in a place, where there is – and especially over time will be – a feeling of community and intimacy."

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